Title/LinkSystem NameIndicatorsScript/IndicatorInstrumentTFR:RGOA **Profit FactorWin Rate# of TestsTL Score (1-10)Test LenghtMax Drawdown
PROFITABLE Strategy | PSAR + MACD | Tested 100 TimesPSAR/MACDPSAR + MACD Cross - 0 LineYesEUR/USDH11:221%40%10061 Year
RIDICULOUS increase on GAINS!! | Let’s Optimize | Tested 100 TimesPSAR/MACDPSAR + MACD Cross - 0 Line, 200 EMA FilterYesEUR/USDH11:247%49%10072.4 Years
Does Changing Take Profit Levels Increase GAINS? | Tested 100 TimesPSAR/MACDPSAR + MACD Cross - 0 Line, 200 EMA Filter Multi Profit LevelsYesEUR/USDH11:1, 1:232%29%100730 Months
Tested 100 Times | “So Easy It’s Ridiculous” Trading System | BabyPipsSo Easy It's RidiculousSMA Crossover, Stochastic extremes, RSI MomentiumEUR/USDD11:259%53%100515.9 Years
Profitable Strategy | Magic 100 System | Forex Factory | Tested 100 Times*Magic 100100 EMA - Enter When Pullback Breaks Market StrucutreEUR/USDH11:1, 1:292%64%10055.5 Months
"93% Win Rate" with CCI and Bollinger Bands? | Tested 100 TimesCCI-BBCCI Extremes, Bollinger Bands Close, ATR StopsEUR/USDH11:229%43%10061 Year
Williams %R, PSAR Crossover | Scalping | Forex Factory | Tested 100 TimesRockyPoint's SystemWilliams %R Momentum, Parabolic SAR Signal, EMA TrendEUR/USDM51:219%57%10065.8 Months
Profitable System | "Trading is as Simple as 1-2-3" | Forex Factory | Tested 100 TimesTrading is as Simple as 1-2-3Daily High/Low, Back to Daily OpenEUR/USDH11:338%72%10073 Months
Profitable Strategy | RSI + Market Structure + Hidden Divergence + EMAs | Tested 100 TimesH Div-PullbackHidden Divergence, Price passes the 50 EMA, and PullbackEUR/USDM301:220%61%10076.9 Years
Profitable | Williams %R, SAR Crossover, MA’s| Forex Factory | Tested 100 TimesRockyPoint's SystemPSAR Signal, Williams %R MomentumEUR/USDM151:235%45%10064 Months
Beginner Trading System | Daylight | Forex FactoryDaylightEMA with seperation, EMA Conformation, Williams %R MomentumEUR/USDH11:1, 1:220%63%10064.6 Months
MUST WATCH for BEGINNER TRADERS | BabyPips | HLHB Trend-Catcher SystemHLHBEMA Cross, RSI Momentum, ATR VolatilityEUR/USDH11:445%29%10075.3 Months
SuperTrend + Ichimoku + EMA Strategy 🙂 Beginner TradersKijun-Sen + SuperTrendIchimoku Kijun Sen - Supertrend - 200 EMA SystemEUR/USDM301:1, 1:240%69%10069.8 Months
1 Min. Scalping System | Bitcoin / USD | Tested x100 | Fractals + EMAsFracks & FibsFractals, Fibonicci - 3 EMAsBTC/USDM151:1.5, 1:240%56%10034 Days
High Win Rate + High Profit | Complete System | SSL + ATR + WAE + EMAHH SystemWAE - SSL - EMA - ATRUSD/JPYM301:1, Dynamic65%74%10087.37 Months
Awesome Results! | Proven 100 Times | VuManChu + 200 EMAVampire VuVuManChu Swing Free - 200 EMAEUR/USDH11:1, Dynamic32%65%10072+ Years
Amazing Win Rate! Rebound & Pivot Strategy | DSI + EMAs | Tested 100 TimesPivot & ReboundDynamic Structure Indicator, 55 EMA, 200 EMAEUR/USDH11:1, 1:250%71%100814.7 Months
Great Win Rate + High Profit Crypto Scalping! | RSI + VWAP + EMAScalp the Hidden VRSI, VWAP, Multi Timeframe EMABTC/USD, ETH/USDM51:1, Dynamic69%73%100611.23 Months
Wow! Triple Supertrend w/ Volume StrategyThe WorksSTOCH, STOCH RSI, EMA, TSV, 3X SuperTrendsEUR/USDH11:1, Dynamic57%75%100915.7 Months
Explode to Profit | WAE, EMAs, Divergence, Hidden DivergenceExplode on the Double D100 EMA, 50 EMA, ATR Bands, WAEEUR/USDH11:1, 1:283%72%21387.6 Years
96% Win Rate with Heikin Ashi and MFI | Tested 100 TimesThe Heini Money FlowMFI, Heikin-Ashi, ATR BandsEUR/USDH41:0.2583%96%100714 Years
Interstellar Indicator Tested 100 TimesInterstellarInterstellar Buy/Sell, Interstellar Trend, ATR Bands, 200 EMAETH/BTCH11:1, 1:223%60%10046 Months
Profitable Strategy - Williams %R For Trends - Tested 100 TimesFlip ItWiliams %R, Ichimoku Cloud, EMA, ATR BandsEUR/USDH11:241%47%100412.3 Months
Trend Finder Signals Tested 200 TimesTrend Finder Buy/SellQQE Mod, SSL Hybrid, 200 EMAEUR/USDH1, M301:1, 1:230,5%, 24%63%%200716,7 Months
Revamp: Turtle Trading SystemThe Modern TurtleDonchian Channels, ATR Bands, EMAEUR/USDD1Dynamic14%51%100519.3 Years
FANTASTIC! SuperTrend + DEMA - Intraday Trading on Crypto, Forex, StocksSuper-Duper SuperTrendDEMA, SuperTrendDOGE/USD. LTC/USDM15Dynamic130%53%10082.7 Months
Swing Trading - Wave Trend + Force IndexWave ForceWaveTrend Oscillator [WT], Force Index, Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA)EUR/USDH41:1,1:217%53%10063.8 Years
Review: HIGHEST PROFITING Trading Strategy On YouTubeTrade Pro - Highest Profit SystemMulti-Timeframe EMAs, MACDGBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, NZD/JPYM51:253%51%10066.6 Months
ULTIMATE Moving Average for Ultimate ResultsThe Ultimate TripleCM_Ultimate_MA_MTF_V2, 200 EMAEUR/USDH41:2125%54%100720.43 Months
BEST Bollinger Band Trading System for TrendsBollinger on the TrendBollinger Bands, 200 EMABTC/USDM151:1, 1:254%63%%10076.73 Months
EASY Scalping - Complete SystemScalping on the Half TrendHalfTrend, MTF-EMABTC/USDM51:280%47%100713 Days
Martingale Strategy for Huge Profits + ClassicThe Martingale ClassicMACD, 200 EMA, ATR BandsEUR/USDH11:248%154%100118.23 Months
Review: “Best Scalping Strategy Period” - TMAArtie’s ScalpSMA, RSI, FractalsEUR/USDM5Variable6%36%10011.5 Months
🚀 Ehlers Trendline - How to Make MoneyEhlers TrendCycleEhlers Instantaneous Trend, Ehlers Simple Cycle Indicator, ATR BandsEUR/USDH41:1, 1:220%57%1007100.6 Months
Amazing - No Indicator Complete Trading System - HOLOHOLOTrading Session IndicatorYesBTC/USDH11:1, 1:346%47%10072 Months
POWERFUL - Hull Moving Average + RSIAlan's LagHull Suite, RSI HistoAlert StrategyEUR/USDM5Dynamic66%45%10065.8 Months
Review: “The Most Accurate Buy Sell Signal Indicator - 100% Profitable Trading Strategy”The Non SequiturTrend Indicator A-2, QQE Mod, SuperTrendYesAUD/USDH11:252%43%%100622.10 Months
Review: “Super Easy 3 EMA Trading Strategy” Crypto, Forex, StocksThe Easy 3Exponential Moving Average (EMA): 200, 20, 9BTC/USDH11:1,537.555%100719.23 Months
Review: 99% Of Scalpers Missed This “Double VWAP” Hack (VWAP Heiken Ashi Trading Strategy)The Double BounceVWAP, Heikin-Ashi, Trading Session Indicator, QQE ModBTC/USDM51:267%56%%10082.27 Months
Review: This Trading Strategy SHOULD NOT Be Free (Best Forex & Crypto Scalping System for Beginners)The Frankfurt ExpressEMA, RSI, Trading Session IndicatorEUR/USDM51:1, 1:29%%54%10025.23 Months
AWESOME! Complete System - TDI + TEMAThe Turkish Get-UpTDI, TEMA, EMAYesBTC/USDH11:1, 1:2105%2.5967%100914.17 Months
Review: “Scalping 1 Minute Chart with one indicator 85% Accuracy”The Gossamer ScalpHeikin Ashi RSI OscillatorShiba Inu / USDM1Dynamic-32%0.5036%10004 Days
SUPER SCALPING | 5-Minute EMA Stochastic SCALPING Strategy (High Winrate Strategy)Do the NeedfulEMAs, StochasticNIFTY 50M51:229%1.5143%10069.63 Months
Review: GAME CHANGING Scalping StrategyABC to MACD200 EMA, MACDBTC/USDM51:21162.8768%10071.07 Montha
Renko on Mooning Cryptos - Complete SystemRenko FlowRenko LevelsBTC/ETHH11:2761.9562100815.73 Months
Darvas Box Trading System - Tested 100 TimesDancing on the BoxMavilimW, Darvas BoxBTC/EURH11:1, 1:231%1.3251%10063.53 Months
Easy, Simple, Profitable – Complete Trading SystemPullback to ProfitsExponential Moving AverageBTC/.USDM51:294%1.9249%10070.53 Months
You Have NEVER Seen This - Pivot SuperTrend!Into the Lonesome TrendPivot Point Supertrend, EMAYesBTC/USDM51:2118%2.2653%10070.8 Months
HIGHER Timeframe Trend is Your Friend - Profitable Trading SystemChopping BroccoliExponential Moving Average, Stochastic RSI, Chop ZoneBNB/BTCH11:258%1.5143%10075.8 Months
138% Profit - 2% Per Trade - Complete StrategyThe VuMan CrossBTC, USD, H1, EMA, VuManChu Swing FreeBTC/USDH11:3138%2.2544%100718.43 Months
You Get What You TakeBrutal ScalpingVolume Oscillator, SSL Hybrid. Exponential Moving AverageBTC/USDM11:284%1.8148%10089 Days
80% PROFIT - EASY SystemThe Easy BreakoutEMA, Breakout Finder, ATR BandsBTC/USD (CFD)H11:380%1.6235%100720.9 Months
216% Gain - Proven for 100 TradesKill The SheepEMA, CMF, SuperTrend, ATRBTC/USDH41:3216%3.2552%100982.83 Months
Anchored VWAP - Futuristic Based Complete Trading SystemAnchors AweighAnchored VWAPApple, ConEd, HSBC, TataM151:2114%2.7858%77749.17 Months
Review: This SIMPLE Trading Strategy Has A 88.89% Winning RateThe Rayner RegurgitationRSI, MAS&P 500 IndexD1Dynamic-19%0.7422%100060.5 Years
Review: The Only Day Trading Strategy You Will Ever Need (Full Tutorial: Beginner To Advanced)The Two-StepATRMicrosoft, USD, BTC, EURM5/M151:2162%2.9860%100812.43 Months5.21%
AMAZING Multi Timeframe Trading System - Highly ProfitableThe Tokyo ExpressATR Bands, Divergence for Many Indicators v4, Ichimoku CloudGBP/JPYM5/H11:2142%2.6557%10081.27 Months15.94%
This is The Trading Strategy The Top 5% Use (and it makes trading way too EASY!)The Hoochie MommaHeikin-Ashi, EMABTC/USDH1Dynamic101%2.4260%10074.17 Months8.37%
Review: SIMPLE and PROFITABLE Scalping Strategy!The Lockwood ScalpEMAEUR/USDH11:265%1.9365%10073.1 Months7.55%
FANTASTIC Double-Timeframe SuperTrend System!Voluble ScalpSuperTrend, Stochastic RSIBTC/USDM51:265%2.4065%10084.6 Months5.10%
Perfect Trading System for Beginners!Trend Cycle IIHeikin-Ashi, Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Stochastic RSIYesEUR/USDH4Dynamic161%5.0580%100954.6 Months2.03%
AWARD WINNING Strategy by Rob Hoffman Tested 100 Times + Optimization TipsHoffman Inventory Retracement StrategyInventory Retracement BTC/USDM151:1.580%1.9156%10081.2 Months1.91%
AMAZING - 237% Profit in 2.5 Months + Trading Script + Optimization TipsThe Simple Volume StrategyADX, Heiken-Ashi, EMAYesBTC/USDM5Dynamic237%4.0252%51292.4 Months2.23%
Grid Trading - Take Advantage of Consolidating MarketsGrid TradingBTC, H1, BitsgapYesAVAX/BTCH1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A930 Days6.24%
Next-Level: Full Trading System - 128% in 4 Months + Community UpdateRSI Bang-OutRSI, Volume Positive Negative (VPN), Fx, Trendline EUR/USDM51:2128%2.4255%10084.63 Months4.40
SIMPLE +184% Profit in 195 trades + Trading Script + Optimization TipsSimple Pivot SuperTrend StrategyPivot SuperTrend, EMAYesETH/BTCM30Dynamic184%2.06936%184715.57 Months7.48%
Title: 140% Profit - 2% Per Trade - Complete Trading SystemTrend ShotEMA, ATR, Trend MeterBTC/USDM151:2140%2.6357%10081.1 Months11.48%
Simple, Profitable, Effective - Complete Trading SystemQueen VolumeHigh Volume Bars, EMABTC/USDH11:276%1.7046%100736 Months8.47%
Review: The BEST Bollinger Band Strategy + Optimization TipsThe Bollinger BamBollinger Bands, RSIEUR/USDM151:288%1.8548%10077.2 Months9.78%
124% Gain - Advanced Strategy Tested 100 TimesBence BounceBTC, USD, Stochastic, SuperTrendBTC/USDM15/H41:2124%2.3554%10087 Months5.08%
Trend Mover System - Crazy Gains + TradingView Automated StrategyThe Bollinger JBolinger Bands, EMA, ATR, KDJ,YesCRO/USDH21:3308%2.38845%46813.6 Months18.87%
308% Profit in 46 Trades + TradingView ScriptThe Trend MoverEMA, Donchain Trend Ribbon, Hull Suite, SuperTrendYesAMCM15Dynamic155%1.86543%546738 Months11%
591% in 10 Trades! + Automated ScriptThe ADX ClassicADX, EMA, CryptoYesWaves/USDT*D1*1:3591%6.14760%1082.6 Years27.87
You Will Love This System + Community Automated ScriptThe Parabolic SqueezeEMA, PSAR, Squeeze Momentum IndicatorYesIXIC & MARAH4 & H11:2224% & 148%1.428 & 2.22837% & 45%596 & 89811.5Y & 5Y19% & 17%
Huge Gains - Simple System + Automated ScriptThe Bollinger FrackBollinger Bands, Fractals, ATR BandsYesRoku Inc.M151:3330%1.29440%421738 Months33%
Crazy Profits: My Own Trading System w/ a Paid IndicatorIs Your Chart Primed?ATR, Chart Prime OscillatorBTC/USDM15 & H11:2124%2.3554%100816.17 Months5.17%
Breakouts = Profits - Complete Trading SystemBreakout & PivotDEMA, Stochastic RSI, ATR, Volume, Breakout Finder, StocksYesStocksH11:41210%1.6931%21088.77 Years--
Your Doing Elliot Wave WrongRide the 5thStochastic RSI, RSIEUR/USDH1Dynamic--------9----
Review - 86% Win Rate Highly Profitable Secret StrategyPrime 86RSI, HalfTrendYesEUR&BTC/USDM30Dynamic-23% & -1%--55% & 59%82784 Years--
Amazing Trading System - Smash the Charts!Smash the ChartsEMA, ATRYesBTC/USDH4Dynamic885%2.68523%222912 Years30%
This FREE Indicator Tells You When to Buy & Sell - Insane Trading StrategyCody on the LandingEMA, PSAR, ATR, RASYesBTC, ETH, NIFTY, AUD, NZDH41:3627, 1528, 63, 302.07, 2.65, 2.00, 1.5947, 56, 39, 403578163-Months24,30,12,3
Stop Being Wrong (Start Being Simple)Four Lines to ProfitEMA, Fx, H4YesAUD, USDH41:234%1.4942%165712.4 Years7.66%
Scalp Like a Champion - Amazing SystemManta’s SystemMACD, SMA, EMA, ATR, CryptoYesBTC, USDH4Dynamic71.61.29186%59982.8 Years21%
Review: New Strategy with Zero Loss - Guaranteed Profit - New Idea MACD IndicatorThe FoogaziM15, Macro Trend Scanner, MACD, EMA, CryptoYesETH, USDM151:21% / 179%1 / 1.633% / 40%192 / 8668M / 6Y27% / 59%
A Swing Trading Strategy That Works Like MagicThe CA RushPivot Point, SuperTrend, EMA, ATR, Stocks, H1YesBABA, NIFTYH11:2198%1.3440%36378.72 Years31%
The Turkish Express Trading Strategy - MavilimW & Inverse Fisher TransformThe Turkish ExpressNYSE, M5, EMA, MavilimW, IFT,YesAMCM51:3228%1.15636%385631.17 Months70%
Smart-Up Your Trading - Huge Gains - Complete Trading SystemSmart the TradeEMA, KST, WAE, ATR, Fx, M15YesGBP/JPYM151:3131%1.58638%878316 Days19%
ChatGPT: I Created a Free Trading BotChatGPT: BTC/USD EMA StrategyEMA, ATR, CryptoYesBTC/USDH1Dynamic98%1.19522%1928N/A3 Years17%
A Better & Faster MACD? - New Trading SystemA Better & Faster MACD? - New Trading SystemEMA, STC, ATRYesMeta, GoldH41:2208%, 37%1.767, 1.19548%, 38%64, 191610Y, 10Y24%, 23%

*Refer to the video for expanded results.