Your Doing Elliot Wave Wrong

This video features a trading system that I actually traded on live Forex markets.  It is based on Elliot Wave theory but does not follow Elliot Wave rules. This trading system has been extremely profitable, but it is very subjective.  In addition to reviewing the indicators, providing exact entry rules, defining the take profit and […]

AMA w/ CEO & Creator of EazyBot

Best Crypto Bot - Cory, Trader's Landing, Mohamad, EazyBot

🟢 EazyBot Affiliate Link: Mohamad Ali is the founder and CEO of EazBot.  Mohamad has taken the time to answer my questions about the profitable algorithm he has created. In addition to giving us a background on how EazyBot came into existence, he goes in-depth on how it works using exact specific rules that […]

Trader’s Inspiration – Community Launch

Community Launch is here!! The Trader’s Landing community has launched. Come join a community that is personally curated me. We will be discussing trading systems, market analysis, trading phycology, mindfulness; along with tutorials released every week based upon Member requests, plus an avalanche of other material. In addition, I discuss my personal trading strategy which I […]

Trading Journal

Free Trading Journal

To get the free Trading Journal sign up for the Trader’s Landing Newsletter by going here: After you confirm your subscription you will be emailed the link. In this installment I give you a tutorial on how to use my free Trading Journal. Feel free to copy it to your Google account and modify […]

Trader’s Landing Backtesting Spreadsheet w/ Tutorial

Free Backtesting Spreadsheet

Link to Backtesting Google Sheets: I show many trading strategy tests on my channel. And I always encourage people to backtest trading systems and share the results with the Trader’s Landing community. Now I am providing my viewers with a free, simple, and easy-to-use backtesting spreadsheet that you can utilize for your own testing. […]

3 Simple Steps to Successful Trading

Trading Triangle

In this video, I discuss 3 very important topics that made me a profitable trader. Please take these to heart as it took me a long time to get here. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE NOW for more content like this: 🐦 TWITTER: Trader’s Landing is a trading system review and education channel. By testing indicator-based […]

Does Changing Take Profit Levels Increase GAINS? | Tested 100 Times

Target 2 or 1 & 2?

I will take the optimized strategy we reviewed in the last video but this time taking half profit at a 1:1 Risk Reward (RR) moving the rest of the position to breakeven, and then let the rest go to 2:1. How will changing the profit targets change our profits? Lets find out… 🔔 SUBSCRIBE NOW […]

RIDICULOUS increase on GAINS!! | Let’s Optimize | Tested 100 Times

Add 1 Indicator

I optimized the previous strategy by adding only 1 simple indicator for over a 3X gain on account (GOA) as compared from before. Focus on your GOA and prosper. Let me show you the way. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE NOW for more content like this: 🐦 TWITTER: Trader’s Landing is a trading system review and […]