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ChatGPT: I Created a Free Trading Bot

I ask ChatGPT to create a Pine Script backtesting code that can be used as a trading bot. This AI-generated script produced a huge profit trading Bitcoin versus the US Dollar. What is the future of AI in trading, and how does ChatGPT fit in?

⏱️ Timestamps ​​⏱️
00:00 – Start
01:19 – What is ChatGPT?
02:23 – How to Create a Trading Bot in ChatGPT
06:34 – Results, Equity Curve, Score
07:11 – Concluding Thoughts

⚙️ System Specifics ⚙️
📛 System Name: ChatGPT: BTC/USD EMA Strategy
🏆 Trader’s Landing Score: N/A
🎹 Instrument: Bitcoin vs. US Dollar (BTC/USD)
⌛ Time Frame: 1-Hour (H1)

👀 TradingView Indicators
Links to indicators located here:

Name: Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
Inputs: Length = 50
Style: White
By: TradingView Built-In

Name: ATR Bands
Inputs: 2 Times ATR upper and lower bands.
Style: Orange
By: AlexanderTeaH

☝️ Long Entry
1) Enter when price closes above the 50 EMA.

👇 Short Entry
1) Enter when price closes below the 50 EMA.

🔥 Risk to Reward: Variable / Dynamic

🛑 Where to place stop-loss: 2 times the ATR value of the trigger candle.

🚀 Where to take profits:
For Longs: Close when price closes below the 50 EMA.
For Shorts: Close when price closes above the 50 EMA.

⚠️Disclaimer: This content references opinion and is for information purposes only. Not intended to be investment advice.


This is Amazing
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