228% Profit, 5-Minute Chart, +TradingView Script

The Turkish Express Trading Strategy – MavilimW & Inverse Fisher Transform

This trading system was brought to me by a Trader’s Landing community member who found a similar system featured on the YouTube channel of an extremely popular PineScript / TradingView developer, Kivanc Ozbilgic. It uses two Ehlers indicators that I never used before which seem to work very well in trending markets. In addition to reviewing the indicators, providing exact entry rules, defining the take profit and stop loss levels, testing it, reviewing the results, discussing the equity curve, and scoring the system on a scale of 1 to 10, I also share my 6 optimization tips that you can try in your own trading system development. Do not neglect back and forward testing, that is critical.

🤖 The automated trading script is available for this strategy in the Trader’s Landing Community.

⏱️ Timestamps ​​⏱️
00:00 – Start
01:28 – Indicators
03:18 – Examples
06:00 – Results, Equity Curve, Score
08:55 – Optimization

⚙️ System Specifics ⚙️
📛 System Name: The Turkish Express
🏆 Trader’s Landing Score: 6
🎹 Instrument: AMC (NYSE)
⌛ Time Frame: 5-Minute (M5)

👀 TradingView Indicators
Links to indicators located here: https://traderslanding.net/indicators/

Name: MavilimW
Inputs: Default
Style: Default
By: KivancOzbilgic

Name: Inverse Fisher Transform (IFT)
Inputs: Default
Style: Default
By: KivancOzbilgic

Name: Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
Inputs: Length = 200
Style: White
By: TradingView Built-In

☝️ Long Entry
1) Price is above the 200 EMA.
2) The MavilimW line signals long (blue).
3) Inverse Fisher Transform closes above the -0.5 line.

👇 Short Entry
1) Price is below the 200 EMA.
2) The MavilimW line signals short (red).
3) Inverse Fisher Transform closes below the -0.5 line.

🔥 Risk to Reward: 1:3

🛑 Where to place stop-loss:
For Longs: Previous swing low.
For Shorts: Previous swing high.
🚀 Where to take profits: 3 times risk (1:3).

Community Post: https://circle.traderslanding.net/c/welcome/indicator-setup#comment_wrapper_13256339

Original Video by KIVANC OZBiLGiC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbUOC7ood7U

⚠️Disclaimer: This content references opinion and is for information purposes only. Not intended to be investment advice.


228% Profit, 5-Minute Chart, +TradingView Script
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